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300k Casino Promotion Running For The Whole of March!

300k Casino Promotion Running For The Whole of March!

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There’s something big happening in March… Unibet are launching their biggest casino tournament of the year… the 300k Casino Spring Clean!
Yes you read that right: Unibet are going to be giving away €300,000 throughout March using a combination of prize draws and lucky spin tournaments — a can’t-miss for any casino players!
The €300k Casino Slot Festival gives players so many chances to win, and Unibet have split it into two different promos – a €100,000 Prize Draw and a weekly €50,000 Lucky Spin Tournament.

Your Massive Casino Slot Festival

Our €300,000 Casino Slot Festival gives you so many chances to win, we’ve split it into two different promos – a €100,000 Prize Draw and a weekly €50,000Lucky Spin Tournaments. Here’s how it all works.

Spend €100 on any great slot (yep, every single slot in the casino is included) in March and you’ll get a ticket to the €100,000 Prize Draw, You can earn one ticket every day for the whole month and can check how many tickets you’ve already collected.

You also have chances to be a winner with Lucky Spin Tournaments, with an incredible €50,000 guaranteed to be won each week, right up until 31st March.

So, make sure you’re opted into everything the festival’s offering to maximise your chances.

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